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Monday, June 13

Is it a blue Monday?

I am attending the course: BCSS at Absolute Kinetics.

It will be a 4 days course, concentrating the Workplace Safety and Health, risk assessment and all the importance as a role as a supervisor.

By the way, BCSS stands for Building Construction Safety Supervisor.

Along with me, my project manager also came along, which is a must for them. Other than that, some other nationality are with us too.

A break from the working area tho.

All students are given a lunch coupon instead.

Pack lunch. Lol
Of course, do not expect a fantastic lunch by them.

While home; my daughter did treat me very well. She really wanted me to change a spect, which I dreading of! Now, the money have to go out to do a new one, at least just the frame alone!

Her master piece of art!

My daughter just broke my spect

Never again, I will allow her to touch my spect. And now, I must do a second one as spare.

Thanks goodness I have contact lens with me!

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