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Wednesday, May 4

My first day of work

Am I excited?

Truthfully, yes. But I felt ashamed of myself that my body is way too weak because I am sick again for these 2 weeks plus. Yesterday, the first day of work made me trembling at work due to the air con blasting over my head.

Therefore, I got a chill and unable to sleep the whole night until 2am. I was told to rest and relax on bed, but I just cannot because I am way too awake. During 10pm, I just kept on coughing non stop!

To think I am now working in the extreme harsh condition on site, I really hope that I can pull through this.

A Long morning walk... Not bad

I am told to buy my safety items, such as: helmet, vest and safety boots.
My new helmet n vest

My new safety boots

For those who do not know, I am now working on site doing mainly S&C, V and PL.

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