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Friday, May 20

My fiber!

It's here! After waiting for 1-2 weeks, it is finally here.
I gotta thanks the installers who did a great job from linking the modem all the way to my room! The trunking and LAN connection.

They also help to mount the ONT device onto the wall instead, because the fiber cable is not allow to bend 90 degree as it will break.

These cannot be place on table because of my daughter, who might be interested with the lights blinking non stop!

ONT And Fiber Point

2Wire Modem From Singtel
2Wire box

I tested the speed and it is lovely at 51mbps with 20+mbps for DL and UL respectively.
For overseas, it is range from 30 - 20mbps DL, depending on the period.

The top up of $8 mthly for this fiber is worth it. I had my house analog phone line changed to MIO Voice, thus the system must run 24hrs 7 days. That also mean, I do not need to pay the phone bills at all. Every 3 months, I have to pay $20 odd for the subscription, adding on the mthly usage, I think it will be more than $8.

Of course, the modem does not come free. It cost $128, either by full cash or installment.
I rather get the new technology device along with the fiber, lest of certain issue that might not work 100% well. Anyway, time for a change too.

Love it!

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