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Tuesday, May 17

Good bye and hello

Last year, I bought my wife a white iPhone 3Gs for celebrating of mother's day.

And this year, I decided to get her a white iPhone 4 instead. Is it a mother's day present for her? I do not know, but I feel that it is about the time for the upgrade.

Since the white 3Gs 16Gb can cost from $250 (Singtel) to $300 - $350 from mobile shop, why not the change?

As I upgraded my plan to iFlexi Value, the cost of the iPhone 4 is only $210! See the difference? In the end, it is a free phone after all.

Wifey is extremely happy with her new hand phone. After waiting for hours at Singtel shop, Jurong Point, we finally got it and faster get the screen protector outside it!

The cost of the double screen protector - for front and back, is $25. Yes, it is a bit rip off, but the guy is skillful and fast. Hence, I decided to change mine as well. =)

Phone protection for mine will remains - Otterbox, while wifey one, can use other type of fanciful cover! Cait is not allowed to hold on to wifey phone at all lest she drop it!

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