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Saturday, May 14

Finally it is back!

It had been down for a few days and finally it is back again!

I wanted to write a lot of things yesterday, but due to its technical issue from Blogger, all the idea in my mind just vanished in the thin air.

Anyway, I am feeling a little bored because here I am, blogging in the container.

Since the day I started working full time, I did not encounter any job that require to work on weekend. Ok, let's not talk about the interview segment back then which require me to work over the weekend. That's just once in a blue moon.

Here, I have to work alternate Saturday, which right now, I truly appreciate the resting time, and the weekend with my family. Sweet moment pass by fast, and I must grab hold of it by making full use for the day.

It isn't a bad thing to work on Saturday, because time will pass fast eventually. But the only worries for me, is my kids at home, whereby my wife have to handle the 2 little monster. =)

I used to be the type of person that is lazy and aimlessly. Now, I am full of energy, thinking what to do next, and plan for a good weekend. Also, partly I do feel contented on the new job too.

Why is this so? It is not because this is a new job, but something that I can see and share with the others upon accomplish the whole project.

Creativity will always be in my mind, and I plan to do it as a hobby. For instance, music and photography. I have no regrets, but feeling sore when I see good stuff from the net and friends too. Flashing back; thinking thrice, I put a smile on my face. I must not look back and should proceed forward no matter how tough the path is going to be and how long is it going to take. I believe that perseverance will pull me through.

Do check out my photography stuff either here, or on tumblr.

For music wise, it will take a longer time. =)

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