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Friday, May 27

End of In Camp Training

Today is my last day of In Camp Training, but I am feeling emotional after the whole thing. Some of us hoped for another week to go through the training, while some can't wait.

It is a mix feeling for everyone in my unit. This year, we have shifted to Sembawang Camp, indeed very big for doing lots of stuff.

Although it is very regimental, but it does help to keep the active guys discipline too.

The NSmen work hard together to accomplish the mission when it is being tasked to us. Without hesitation, all
agreed and get the things done up swiftly. That is one reason why the commanders prefer to work with hokkien peng. Although we have some new NSman joining us, assuming they are A level student before, they did quickly get into the action as well.

Our company morale is high because of right personnel! That goes without saying tho.

When we are back in green, we must show the junior what it can be done by us. From then, they will start to learn.Of course, back in green also transform us into some funny behavior. Like the way of talking, and doing things. But in reality, it is hard to find those silly movement from everyone.

The last day of ICT is great because we had been invited to go to Yishun SAFRA for a bowling session, then prize giving ceremony followed by outpro!

Bidding goodbye to all the friends are indeed hurting, because it means the next meet up will be next year. I do hope to see some of them on road, buying things or even doing business. Because most of us left 2 to 3 more in camp training. After which, no one have the answer whether if everyone is going to hold a big gathering ever again.

That is why I say, each ICT give us a strong bonding among everyone.

It is back to civilian life and all of us will be back to work again. Luckily for Facebook, we are allow to contact each other via the social network.

3 Cheers for 3rd Transport!

Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!
Hip hip hooray!

And last but not least the awesome shouting from NSmen, Delta Company - Air Terminal Company


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