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Monday, May 2

Bluray player - my first standalone player

Presenting you my so-called first blu ray player! Ok, there's really nothing to shout at, but I am totally happy about it even though my PS3 is able to playback both DVD and BD disc.

Now, I can enjoy my BD movies either in bedroom or living room, just a matter that there's no home theater system in the bedroom.

I am so proud to own the player after considering for 1-2 years. Why?

The initial plan is get the code free Oppo BD player. But due to it's high cost, I decided to forgo that and not to think about it since I have the media player for my movies. Anyway, the media player allow you to playback audio codec from dts and Dolby.

But, to be frank, if you are a tru blu home theater enthusiastic and also wanted to have decent sound from the player, get the Oppo.

Why spend thousand over dollars on 1 CD player? Unless you have the entire audiophile set like tube amp or monoblock etc...

Nevertheless, this LG is cheap and good. Luckily there's sales on it, if not, I don't think I will get it all. I didn't even bother to read up this review, so please do not quote me.

Finally gotten myself a bluray player at $139 from Harvey Norman

I just need a player that can run both BD and DVD. Furthermore, the price for this can get me a decent DVD player.
Why not?

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