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Friday, May 20

Back in pixelated green

The return of army

The return to green is wonderful.

The usual practise - wait for instruction and a get together session.
We had shifted to another camp somewhere in the north, rather than in Gloucester Camp, located at Portsdown road. It had been demolished for future development.

Everything is neat and intelligent. The used to - manual work, had been take over to machine for more efficiency. Is this because of 3G? I shall say no, it's all for the good.

A better place to work in, and also better in controlling because it is very regimental and finally, the entire battalion is now at one place.

As it is no longer a standalone camp, we have to obey rules from the security areas before entering.

The most important part is seeing the buddies whom we had not met for a year. We have 3 more years to go through, and then I shall see the word : M R (Mindef Reserve)

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