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Saturday, April 30

What the... sold out?

Up till now, I have no idea and why should I need an iPad. Moreover, the main need will be for ebook.

I was astonished when the article on ST stated that the iPad2 had been sold out on day 1.

What's the hype about that? To jailbreak, download lots of games and apps, use it as a big iPhone? That could be the only reason I can think of.

But, is it way too ridiculous? Perhaps, they only bring limited set of iPad2 to Singapore, then comes the sold out psychological consumer mind set.

Wow... the iPad2 is out of stock now. I feel so regret getting that, maybe I should get it when it replenish the stocks soon!

That could be the only reason I can think of as well.

Maybe I am wrong, but I am just saying what I feel.

Tell me something that I really do not know, what's the usage and hype of that? I admit I wanted too, but for reading only, instead of buying the novels. Or rather, Amazon Kindle then.

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