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Thursday, April 28

The rally

Let the rally begins.

For those who want to watch the rally live, please do so by clicking here.
Please bear with the poor sound quality as well, I have however unable to watch it now as there's some technical fault currently.

This year, 2011, is going to be the most hype up year for most people. The General Election 2011.

Who should we vote? No one should instigate anyone to vote to certain party, believe in yourself who can do the best. No, I am not from the MIW group, hence, please do not quote me.

My area is contested by NSP (National Solidarity Party) against PAP Gan Kim Yong with the rest under CCK GRC.

Everyone should be given a choice; be it the person or the party itself.

Though they hold most the creditability, but is it good enough? There's no promise after this time round if there's any rise in anything though they claimed that there's no need to. Maybe the plan will be a year later.

Everyone is fed up and they need a proper voice to sound out to the rest.

You can't judge them having low funding, they are after all trying the best they could to help out.

There are only a few MIW I respect, same goes to the other team. Will there be a huge shock on 7th May? We shall see on that day, and see on their face.

2006 is a good result and wake up call for everyone.

I am anticipate to see the result in a week time.

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