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Monday, April 4

Painful visit

Ouch, it hurts!

I had my palm injured during my fall in camp last 2 weeks ago. I simply cannot push myself up from floor because it really hurt a lot, so I decided to pay a visit at Chien Chi Tow at Upper Cross Street.

Prefer this area because it is bigger, nicer and of course, the master specy Liang is good! He always treat me and his skill is quite good, but not this round! Instead of getting the pain from the injury part, I had blister! This is due to his thumb nail kept on rubbing non stop on the injury part!

That is so painful tho. But, I am glad that  it is not as painful as like before. I just gotta be careful while handling things. Hoping my daughter, Cait, will understand tho.

Going for tui na for my wrist
Waiting for the shop to open.

When they are opened, all the masters had to stand outside the shop and shout for that slogan! A way to build up their confidence.

It is interesting to see them doing that way.

While on my way to the shop, I saw the construction on the ground.
Next time, I should take more of it!

Missed the image from the start till to date.

I also missed by taking a photo of my old camp located at Portsdown Road; it had been demolished and now a clear green field.

Good bye, Gloucester Camp.


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