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Thursday, April 28

My random photo post

Okai, initially thought of breaking the post up, so I am thinking, why not put them up together instead.

Random photos taken

Empty space from top view, but crowded shopping center
Empty space from top view, but crowded shopping center

Playing crickets
A lovely day with the crickets played by the workers on the empty field.

My lovely lunch at Foodfare by Income, Clementi Mall.

Foot massage. Feeling good.
Been a long time since I have this type of massage. Thanks Ko Hong, you have a good masseur!

A very heavy rain

Gushing water
Heavy rain onto the walkway

Gloomy day

Pouring rain

Heavy rain
Splashing all over the place

Finally, a sofa for the house

We do not have a proper comfort sofa at all. Finally my mom decided to have a little change, also for the safety of the kids. Having a sofa is safer and more suitable for most of the people in the house.

Cait is extremely happy over this!

Sofa is here

Hurray, soft sofa !

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