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Friday, April 22

Late night shopping

The late night shopping is great! Especially for those who are unable to get certain things in the day time due to many reasons. Busy with work, family, studying or blah blah blah...

There, finally the wonderful IT store, Challenger at Funan opening 24hrs daily! Hurray! Yes, although this news is no longer new anymore, but I am so happy all the time until I finally went down with my wife yesterday night!

Finally a 'we' time together.

Ever since my daughter had fallen sick, then to school, then newborn 2nd daughter, then on and on, we never have a good rest ever. It seem so rushing and there's no time to stop and relax. Just like this week, I am sick and I have not start buying my new clothing as I need a change of the entire wardrobe! Yeah, they stink now...

Ok, back to topic..

Carpark after 10pm in Funan is free. There are around 10 cars when I reached the area and gotta be the first time the B1 carpark is quite empty!

Entrance to IT mall is only at the CP escalator. There are quite a number of people in the store and it seem like in the morning tho. I am wondering how it is like at 2am-7am!

But, nevertheless, it is a good place to hangout at. Apart from Mustafa, I now have my favourite store: Challenger. All thanks to my old workplace area, I used to visit there thrice a week and went there since I am in secondary school.

Presenting you my new purchase.

For those who know me well, I'm always lack of HDD space because I have too many data. I prefer to have individual HDD with 1 main things to store. For e.g., Photo drive, media drive, music production and video.

Right now, I need a HDD that can read both PC and Mac platform because I need to transfer some of the data. Therefore, I decided to get Seagate hdd (highly recommended by my friend) with USB3.0. The price difference for USB3.0 between Seagate and Western Digital is $40 (i am the member of challenger) and also having $50 Captialand voucher too. There's also USB2.0 1TB at $159 and upgradeable to USB3.0, but I chose to get the one with USB3.0 confirmed by them.

Midnight Purchase At Challenger, Funan
1TB with USB3.0

E Sata Or USB, Take Your Pic
You can use it to connect using SATA cable.

Seagate Go Flex 1 TB W USB 3.0
Love this portable HDD

Happy with this purchase tho.
Now I can finally transfer data and store some important information now.
Adding as my DVD back up too.

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