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Friday, April 15

Goodbye, workplace

Goodbye card
It had been a great place to work here at Mercury Ent tho.
People that I met here are nice and quite social-able. But, as times passes, everyone wanted to move on for their next career chapter; thus the strength began to go even lower when I first came in.

No matter what, I felt great learning so much regarding of video coding and simple post productions. Without here, I do not think I can work as freelancer at World Sport Group as audio editor.

Everything that I learn from forum, including decrypting of DVD and BD, had been a great help for me over here. There are so much information contains within it, and I managed to learn through lots of hard ways.

I am also proud to do the so-called infamous censorship for release of DVD in Singapore. At least, hey.. you know... I did that tho... incredible?

Mine next job scope is totally irrelevant of what I am doing now. There's no productions, producing and editing going on for me. In fact, it is all base on project and I am really anticipate.

Good bye to you and fellow ex colls of Mercury.

The great thing about here is: free car park and beware of the old uncle, whom always ask you to park way behind which might block your way while going out.

Oh yeah.

For my fellow Torco Oil user, who always come here to collect the EO, please SMS me on where to get it, because I will not be at Toh Guan Road East anymore.

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