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Monday, March 28

Thanks all

I had a bad fall during my IPPT last Tuesday. As a result, I was on MC for 2 days due to chest pain, whereby it lie on my wrist facing down, which is really painful.

I am feeling nauseous at that point of time, and unable to continue my remaining test: 2.4km run.

As this is the IPT-IPPT, the WO allowed me to skip the run and considered me cleared it with a fail. At least I did clear tho.

That is the first time ever I had such a bad fall! I was taking the shuttle run, and right after I tapped the metal bar on the floor, turning back straight result me to go blackout. The slant image made me ran to the left and then, I collapsed on the floor.

Deep cut on knee cap, long scratches on arm, chest pain and giddy are the aftermath due to the fall.

Thanks to those who concerned on mine and wifey's Facebook, I am feeling a lot better now!

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