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Wednesday, March 9

A new change

Welcome to the new look of my blog.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I decided to redo my blog theme. Reason being, the icons provided from the site is actually from photo bucket and it had exceeded the bandwidth!

Thus, I wanted to get it change as quickly as possible lest the reader find it giddy while reading.

Notice the bar above?
Yes, I added some links for easier navigation instead of putting them on the right side. At least it look much neater than before. Professional some more...

Also, this theme is somewhat like Wordpress style; you have to click on READ MORE to view the entire post.

I always thought that why is it so troublesome when I can read them all in a page. However, it at least will not hog up the bandwidth when loading the entire post; especially those will lots of photos in a post.

I kinda like it!

Sadly, I still cannot find a proper and nicer blog theme for my Family blog: The Ongies

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