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Friday, March 18

Goodbye, my friend

Just received news earlier on that my 'friend' had to be shipped out because we hardly use it here.
Therefore, it will be useful once it reach it's new destination, ShenZhen.

This friend of mine brought me many memories throughout the 1 year I am working here. Capturing of video had been fun since then. Also, I use it to check the tape format, aspect ratio and duplication as well.

It also gave me a lot of shivering cold when it fail to meet the requirement when we are busy. Nonetheless, it's perseverance to accomplish the job is remarkably worth the salute from me.

Though you are old, but at least, still working fine after all year long.

Thanks, buddy and take care!

Digi Beta Tape Machine (PAL)
Digi Beta, goodbye. It's nice working with you for the past one year.

Digi Beta Tape Machine (PAL)
It's shipping to Shen Zhen.

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