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Tuesday, February 8

Looking for a job

If you happen to come here by chance, I would like to say that, I am looking for job!

I will be glad if you are from recruitment agency! My specialty include: photography, audio editing/ recording, video encoding/ editing and management too.

Please, I do not need job related to insurance or telemarketer.

Thus, hoping I will not step into production line in media world tho.

Family is important, I hope to get a proper office hour job from 8am - 5pm.

Demand seem high? I bet so! Now, what I can do is to wait for you to come knocking on my email door or phone to ring!

2 knocking by:

John said...

Times are tough right now, are you sure you can't just run a business, and support yourself that way? Working for a company might bring stability, but you will not get paid what you deserve.

Boon said...

Precisely! I will prefer a stable income job and kept on doing my freelance to support my family.

Running own business isn't easy. Much as I want to, but I really do not have business mindset at all. =X


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