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Wednesday, February 2

Chinese New Year! Huat arh!


Today is Chinese New Year eve, despite the rain earlier on, I hope everyone is anticipating towards the year of Rabbit.

Although this year, the luck isn't smiling at me, but I am glad that everything had been pretty smooth. Most Taoism devotees will know who to pray to every year. Whether it is smooth, "chong" or "fang", it is better to pray to Tai Sui Ye.

There are 60 Tai Sui Generals in total and each of them are taking care of people who is born on the year they are handling. Usually, the year of the zodiac sign will always "fang", hence the praying is a must if you believe.

I read up for my zodiac sign and everything seem pretty smooth. Let's keep finger cross about that. really...

Perhaps...  new job opportunity, more photography jobs, selling more Torco Engine Oil and get noticed for the things I'm doing for.

My priority will be Family. Nothing beat that!
Therefore, I always looking forward to weekend! Heavy crowds are inevitable, but at least it is the joy of spending time together.

Tomorrow, a brand new day with a new year for all Chinese.
Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wang Shi Ru Yi.

I will be taking photos since morning and to the temple, then to relative house visiting.

It will be a short one, by 5pm, it is time for us to end the day of visiting.

Do check out on my other blog if you are interested.

Oh yes, my website is on the midst of updating and changing of format. Therefore, there will be no gallery shown. Interested parties may drop in my facebook page to view more photos.

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