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Monday, January 17

Walk to Chinatown

Wifey, mom and daughter were shopping around the area while I went alone to buy my 24herbs liang teh along Smith Street.

I was telling myself, why not I take my chance to snap some photos instead?

I used to walk around that area almost daily because my ex workplace is located at Pagoda St. When I wanted to take some photos, I will probably join a group of photography enthu and ambush the whole area.

Seem like it had been ages since I join them and decided to go solo. Of course, a group will be fun instead.

The last time I held my DSLR combing the whole area at Chinatown is years ago. Ok, let's not talk about last year arming with my tiny LX3 tho.

Funny to have this thinking, I am shy drawing my big cammy =.=
But, in order to get the images I want, I forgo that thought. That's me in the past, and now, I am no longer behaving that way. I am proud of myself, truthfully.

Here's some images I took over the weekend. Not a lot, but at least something to show.

The long stretch of alley with stalls just open for the day selling CNY items.

The yummy Taiwanese Goodies which is part of the best selling food during CNY.

It is very nice to eat.

Zhuan Yun Zhu.

A twisted bamboo which supposingly change your luck along the way.

Parents choosing of ang bao which is meant to give to kids during CNY.

Ang bao usually contain money. Amount of money does not matter, the most imptnt is heart.

Stall holder helping out by taking the ang bao which the parents had just selected

Behind the stalls

He was happy initially.

Thereafter, he is not happy.

More stalls in the market.

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