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Wednesday, January 19

Photo story: Chinatowm

When is the last time I carry my camera walking around in Chinatown?
I still remember vividly that I joined a group of photographers enthu like Hong Jia, John and some others for the light up ceremony.

Back then, I armed a Panasonic FZ20 which I bought at Max Photo. It is sure a nice gathering tho.

As years passes, I felt that the mood of Chinese New Year is getting a bit boring. Perhaps to due to copyrights issue of music.
Thanks goodness I hear some of it at Smith Street on Monday.

Not a lot of people can appreciate the music because of the traditional musical instrument used. They might find it more Chi Na.

For me, it seem like I getting to love it. Maybe as age catches up, and with my daughter, I would like to show her the mood of CNY.

There's some restriction set by law because of safety. But because of that, the kids cannot enjoy the pop pop that I used to played before. Of course, I never play the firecrackers before!

Perhaps, the sparkling light stick is more than enough! The beautiful sparkling color but create lots of smoke. So, adult must be careful when letting the kids to play.

I remembered that I used to play with my sister and we both create a lot of smoke along the corridor which choke our neighbours! Yea, they gave us a type of stare but of course, it is our fault initially. It is really fun doing that!

A look down.

Tripod isn't used thus, everything is not as beautiful as I thought.

Famous composition to look down at Pagoda Street.
Stalls selling all sorta items below the shop houses.


Not a lot of people yet because this is week day night.

Just imagine the weekend crowds!

Look at the stalls all over

Look ahead of stalls.

Nian Gao that they bought.

Meant for: Bu Bu Gao Sheng.


Rabbit balloons - costing $4


The famous uncle who wore the traditional costume playing with his favourite Er Hu.

Cai Sheng Ye - God of Wealth

Everyone walked past and seem to enjoyed too.

Traffic isn't conjested now.

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