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Tuesday, January 18

Give them a chance, don't be impatient.

Give them a chance, don't be impatient.

Don't blame me because it had been quite some times since I last shopped at Takashimaya S.C.
Wifey and I entered MOS burger and found that the front line are all elderly. The younger ones had to stationed in kitchen doing the food.

Let's all be patient when ordering food and waiting. They are not like us, being fast and very responsive. I applaud to their courage stepping in so that they can continue to work.

Think about it, we will come to their age no matter what and obviously if we still can work to kill some times, why not?

If you choose to retire, no one will stop you. It's all individual tho.

Queue maybe long, but I can see everyone patiently waiting to get their food ordered.

This is what I call: Slow and Steady

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