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Wednesday, December 8

Introducing my new casing... CM 690II advanced

I am truly happy about the new casing I had recently.

Presenting you ...

CM 690II Advanced

Ok, if you want more information about this casing, do Google it because there are tons of review out there.

Therefore, I'm talking about the other review which I think it is not yet been covered.

There's something about this casing that I really love at: cable management and the way your HDD is been placed.

Look at the photo below, on the right, where my HDDs are located at.
Instead of having the HDD backside facing the motherboard, it is designed to allow it to face on the right side of the casing. Which, we seldom open it.

Bear in mind, this is the first time I purchased such an expensive casing, in the past, I only get those 60-70 bucks range.
CM 690II advanced
Internal look of the system

All in all, by looking at this way, don't you find the whole system look even neater?
I had not installed the second fan at the HDD area where the word 'Gigabye' is at. (There's hole for you to install the fan)
CM 690II advanced
Neat board with harddisk

Looking at the right side of the PC, this is what you find.
Cable management is important, this is to make your whole PC neater and of course, some interference to others.
CM 690II advanced
Right view of the casing. HDD area

Yes, all my SATA cables and power plugs are not attached to the HDD yet because I am going to format my C drive. I am not going to risk again by formatting the wrong drive ever again.

Something that I really love Corsair PSU. 1 power cable connected to the PSU, allows me to plug in all 4 HDDs at one go. Neater as well.
And best yet, you only plug in the cable that you need to the PSU instead of having too many cables slot to one corner which make it even uglier.
CM 690II advanced
Total 4 HDDs with SATAN and power cable facing out for easy plugging of cables

Is it neat enough for you?
Love the new casing indeed!
CM 690II advanced
Overall view of the casing on the right side

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