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Monday, December 13

Busy busy busy

I really wonder what I had been busy about recently? Perhaps things like, rushing for client photos, montage, fixing PC, finding maid agency and also meeting up with friends. These really make us very tired tho.

I am glad that I had my new PC rig up recently. The total cost damage is 1.8K from Cybermind, Sim Lim Square.

I know some people will ask me why I go to Choppermind, reason being, I cannot find other shop at that time. And, after deducting the 2% off, the total cost actually bring down by a lot. In fact, it is more or less about the same price to other shop. And, the guy named, Harrison, did provide a good service to me. I am glad and appreciated by all the guides tho.

Appreciate that William, Jien and Hong Jia provide me a lot of valuable information on my new rig.

Guess you must be wondering what is my new rig like?

Here goes:

i7 950
Gigabyte UD3R (1366 pin)
Powercolor HD6870 1Gb PCS+
3 x 2Gb Corsair C7
HX750w Corsair
Thermal Right X RT
Cooler Master 690II Advanced

Also bought 4 more fans on other days to utilise the entire air vent provided.

The only downside:
Side casing fan will produce low frequency sound due to CM design on the air vent.
Wondering if the silent fan will work properly.

As for my old rig, I will pass on my beloved C2Q to my relative! The only changes will be: new HDD with Win 7 Home Premium and perhaps a new casing. The old casing of mine is totally fugly and really can throw in dustbin. Other than that, the system is still behaving well.

I'll talk about more on my next post.
Stay tuned..

It is time for me to rest.

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