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Thursday, December 2

After months of hesitation, I finally decided to get myself a new studio headphone. Although the current one is still usable, but there's a crack on the headrest and I had threw away the cushion which result having headache.

This headphone is recommended by my old pal, Haw, a recent up and coming composer based in KL, Malaysia.

He got it dirt cheap via US at only USD 99. For me, I paid $205 at Hung Bros.

Sound is good and I really love it, no doubt. I am skeptical towards Sony 7506 headphone due to static shock when I am doing QC at my previous workplace. I tend to have 3-4 times shock whenever I move myself.

No one can explain the reason.

Nevertheless, here's my Black Friday gift.
Oh.. I bought myself a 2TB WD Green HDD. Well, I do not have enough space for my current HDD.

Bought myself a post B day gift and pre xmas present.

After buying the item, we saw the girl sitting at the counter and she must be too bored, hence we requested her to wrap it up.

It's free of charge and furthermore I am entitled for lucky draw and 2 free spin.

Cait did the spin and won ourselves 2 note pad by SLS.

My gift! A studio monitor headphone!

Audio Technica - ATH-M50

Side view

1/4" jack.

Words sew

Inner look of can. Comfortable

The overall look

AT logo

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