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Sunday, November 7

My 30th Birthday

I never expect myself to receive any present this year because I had mentioned that I do not want any of them. I also agreed that I am a weirdo who do not like to celebrate my birthday since young. However, this year I am surprised by myself that I obliged to mywife decision on celebrating my 30th Birthday!

I wonder why that I hold no resistance this year. Guess that when one's turn older, you choose not bother so much at all. Let's just all out to enjoy then.

However, I really appreciate upon receiving these gifts unexpectedly.

For those who do not know, my birthday actually falls on 8th Nov, which is tomorrow.
Wifey is nice enough to book a chalet and bbq for lots of people, which is half gathering cum celebration. I am also happy to have my niece celebrating together! Her birthday is also around the corner and of course, I do not feel lonely over in front of the cake.

More information will be at family blog. Check that out soon!

I am surprised that my wife actually bought this great present! Initially I thought of buying for my parents instead and I prefer other gifts! However, this prove me wrong. I am the only one in the house who had been using this day and night.

Now my backache and foot are so comfortable now! This unexpected gift is great!
Loving it!

Gift by my beautiful sweety wife.
Package bundle of E Lux and Esole.

Great for my back and leg now!

Loving it!

The traditional Chinese Birthday food for consuming.
Mee sua + 2 red eggs.

Appreciated that I received these for this year which I really did not expected at all.

Thanks for the big ang pow from my relatives!
Thanks Alex for the ang pow too.
Thanks Avy, her friend and Rose for the branded towel which I never use them before. Well, always using SAF towel tho.
Thanks for the iphone charger by William and Keith!

I cannot remember who else but I am very happy about it!

Officially, I am 30 tomorrow. Career is coming along!

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