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Monday, November 29

It is fun and nice to meet your ex coll in banquet after so many months/years. It is great to catch up one another tho.

I am truly happy when seeing them during Sandy's wedding.

I am also glad that the video I did for them receive a lot of positive comments too. It is a rush job for her within 1.5 months! I am totally stressed out and push back a lot of my jobs which result me being so tired everyday because I have not give my client the final product!

All in all, I am currently 70% completed. Another processing of photo job will commence real soon.

Anyway, here's my ex coll from IFP (Inflight Productions, Singapore)



Meet my ex senior audio producer who always love to talk rot with me! We basically chat anything!

Oh yes, my ex audio manager (left) and audio producer (right)

1 banquet should be enough and I often laughed at people who attending 2 within a day!
That actually happened to me on 13th Nov!

Noon - my ex coll at Furama Riverfront Hotel
Night - my photography buddy at Hilton

Wow, I ate a lot. Better to make myself work out harder! Ha!

Here's the pic during the 2nd banquet at night. yah, 2 photos in all. Enough? I bet so!


I do not mind a Nikon camera. Really! =)

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