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Monday, November 22

Feeling burnt out

I have not been blogging on personal stuff lately because I am way too busy and so tired doing all kind of things. Time is so limited and I tend to get tired easily these days. Was it because of the energy used on my daughter or?

After finishing up the job, I will try to get myself in shape because this year had been a tiring and fatty bom bom one. It is not good and very unhealthy one.

I have a lot of plans in my mind but I do feel that the route to success can be very tough if I choose it this way. Perseverance is what I needed badly. I am hoping nothing but the success.

Finger cross that everything clear by up this week! I really promise.

Stay tuned on my Facebook as I will be updating the photos after I pass it to my client!  Oh yes, you may want to view a short clip on stop motion that I did for my ex coll. I am glad that everyone love it! If you are interested, do contact me, ok?

I wish I can blog more and show some photos, but time does not allow me to do so.

Let me get the things organise first.


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