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Wednesday, October 27

Will this be the next generation of DSLR?

via PetaPixel

Omg, an Apple Alpha DSLR? How cool will there be?
Will this going to be the next generation of DSLR?
Maybe, I say maybe, they will use the iOS for the camera and you are able to sync the apps and play! How cool? Imagine hipsmatic apps on the DSLR?

Ok, joke aside. This is just a rumor whether they will make it works.
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The Creativity

Well, I actually love to see people with such an interesting creativity doing Photoshop layout.
In this case, presenting you the Real Life Photoshop.

via PetaPixel

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War and Debate. Let's just stop it

While looking through my RSS feed, I find this topic very interesting. Hence, sharing with you.
The war and debate of both camera should just come to an end. Remember, there are strong supporters to individual camera make.

One might slam and other will defend. What's the whole point after all? Let's just do it right and enjoy snapping away.

Also, you got to tell yourself this. You, as a photographer can make wonders, not the make of the camera. A camera job is to capture the moment you wanted for. What more do you want?

There maybe slight differences between cameras, but does that occur you at all? Unless you are doing large format print, yes, I agreed.

Above is my own opinion, but I suggest to read more by Scott Bourne.

Will that ruin a Wedding?

After all, a wedding is all about happy and romantic. The relationship between the videographer and photographer are almost like them. You got to give and take during the filming and snapping. Working hand in hand is important.

End of the day, both parties shake hand, pass name card to each other and say good bye with a smile on the face. You never know if any party will call up and request for service since both had a pleasant working relationship previously.

If problem arise, let's talk and give way.

Unless you are the kind that will.....
Let's just watch the video after this

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