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Thursday, October 7

Short film

In the past, I never know how to appreciate short film.

So to say, I have no idea when I started to love short film.

It take quite a while to understand what is the director trying to show to the audience. Some times, you cannot blame yourself because it is so boring that you feel like sleeping.

Short film is not something that everyone know how to appreciate.

It is not something you are looking for the effects or the surround sound. It is the art that lay behind the story.

I myself do not even dare to say that I wanted to do a short film. I bet that I will face a lot of difficulties tho. But, it can be a challenge some how. Who knows?

There's no rules stating that you require a good story behind it, or must have an actor or actress to act in front of the camera. It can be so simple that you want to tell the people what is going on around the area. For instance, a busy street vs a lonely road.

Do remember, every film require a good music soundtrack. Imagine you are filming some thing historical but the OST is a break beat dance music? Isn't that way too exaggerating?

Usually, but not a must, a good new age music or a classical tune is always suitable. As I said, it really depend on what sorta film is required.

Or best, you can have the short film by having dialogue only. You know, there's no rules that you must follow. Breaking and bending the rules can be fun.

This short film , "V1K1 - A Techno Fairy Experience", is created by Tzang Merwyn Tong, an indie Director whom I worked as photographer for his next movie previously.

I had not watch the film, but according to him, it is a Sci Fi genre with lots of dialogue.

Oh yea, the whole production team are from ITE College West at CCK. *Bravo*

Being an audio producer before, I do know what sorta genre of music is suitable for the film or the program. That's my specialty and I am proud of it. 

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