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Tuesday, October 12

Going bersek

There are changes that I really need to do, but in order to get it done, I have to make sure everything goes well.

It is pretty tough because I have to trial and error until I succeed. I am really hoping that the step will be minimise  and everything will be as smooth as last time.

The VOD, Video On Demand, is driving me crazy and my head is getting bigger because of solving moment,

There are quite a few people who is doing this, hence getting knowledgeable personnel is like finding needle in the sea. Someone could have help me with it, but it seem as if I am the one doing alone.

Frustrated or no?  I have no time for that.

I just hope that whoever trying to do any searching on VOD can drop me a message on how they do it.

Sincerely, I really hope I can solve it nonetheless without any headache.

If anyone say my job is simple, I guess that the person will have to take back their word because there are too many researching to be done.

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