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Tuesday, October 19

Common topic people tend to face

Do not laugh or slam the thread starter who posted things like: "What to bring for a trip"

This is the most common thing that forum are lacking of - a sticky for everyone to read.
The sticky should be contribute by forumers for general advise. Of course, I am talking about 1 person posting and not like pages after pages which make the rest of the people confused.

Newbies, which I so called, are always the one who tend to post such topics. 

We should help them instead, but at times, it can be irritating seeing same topic appearing over and over again.

In a way, all these can be answered easily. It is as simple as, bring what you have for the trip. Of course, just a camera body with a wide angle lens. You do not want to go on a trip carrying so much on your backpack, don't you? 

Most of the time when you go traveling, arming with your camera, the only thing you want is wide angle. Well, if you want a zoom lens, why not consider a good distance zoom lens? Maybe a Canon 24-105mm?

And, if you have only 1 lens in your dry cabinet, do you think you should even post this?

Not yet, you should consider bringing a compact camera as well. Not everyone uses dSLR like you.
Remember, a spare battery will come in handy! Nowadays, our dslr battery can really last long, perhaps the most important thing to take note will be your memory card and storage.

If you are bringing a laptop or netbook on a trip to surf internet or work, you can transfer the data to the it. And if you not, get the photo viewers/ storage then. If budget is one main concern, you may want to buy more CF/SD card instead. It helps anyway.

Such question is like, which clothes should I bring there?

There's no right or wrong on what you should bring for a trip. It depend on how heavy you want to carry. Why go there and come back with serious back aching? Does it worth it? Unless you really gotten a most wonderful shot. Or, unless you are a hardcore personnel.

So you see, it all depend on yourself. While the people can give advises, it is still up to you on what to bring. 

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