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Monday, October 18

Assuming might not help at all

Getting yourself prepare for a shoot is important.

First and foremost, understand your equipment well and making sure it is sufficient are one of the top priority.
I personally made a boo boo on myself because I am overly confident and quite slack on equipment checking.

During NS life, we had been told to check everything before we move out. But to ensure it is working, this will be another issue.

Secondly, always test the system!
I am so ashamed of myself for not getting these done up properly!

Everything will be too late by then and remember, as a photographer, your job require to capture the moment and let your client remember that day! If you done a good job, obviously there will be more job opportunity. End of the day, you must maintain close relationship with your client.

I was consider lucky to be quick witted rather than doing it forcefully which might bring disaster to the photo.

After saying so much, you must be wondering what are the main thing I am talking about it.

One of the scenario will be CF card.

Of course, I brought along extra CF card of 8Gb that day.
Although the speed is ultimately slow, but at least you have the backup.

I was arming with 2 cameras but the secondary camera seem to fail on me. I faced this situation before; the battery went flat although charger say likewise.
So I decided to use that camera's CF card as backup instead.

Secondly, AA batteries.

My external flash failed on me because my AA batteries decided to give up. Remember, batteries do have lifespan, try to recondition them once every 3 months and test it! Apparently, I do not have extra AA batteries with me at all, but I am lucky enough to get lucky shot with the flash once!

This is a pay job, unlike a hobby whereby you can pack up, go buy and continue later on.
Such circumstance is not forgivable because I might ruin their moment. Spend a little more on the CF card and batteries so that you are 1 stress less when going for a paid shoot.

Remember, money can be earned so long we work hard.

Just a sharing thought with everyone.

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