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Wednesday, September 8

Why you should not do free thing anymore

Helping friend are fun and of course, if they appreciate your hard work as well. Some friends or relatives will take things for granted since you are offering free services to them. Be it anything, human are born to be greedy and they will ask for this and that.

Especially when dealing with people you know well, all the more you cannot retaliate lest of making the relationship worse.

If you think you should charge them base on your expertise, why not? When they demand something out from you, there's no hard feeling because they paid for your services. Remember this, there is no free lunch in this world unless depending on circumstances. 

For a start by doing free services, you learn a lot of hard way by dealing people and your own business development. When someone asked you certain question on how do you get it done,  simply tell them. But not in details

We are living in the 21st century whereby internet is so wide open. You can make a search using any search engine for your own question. If you are free, then by all means carry on. And, if you are not, the only way is to pay for someone to do it for you.

You also have to start asking yourself these question. Why do you want to stop doing free services? All these allow you to earn more because you are the expert among the rest. That's how the businessman does well. You will see that your friend find you selfish and not wanting to help them out. But, when you are successful, that is a total different story! Everyone have to feed and raise their own family, by helping friends doing free services, aren't you feeling guilty for not spending times with family?

I may sound blunt but this is fact. 

Do not believe me? Try it yourself. There are a lot of freelancers around and I have been reading up on that recently on my Google Reader. How much do you want to charge depend on yourself. The most important thing is you must justify the amount of money you earn to compensate the time. Of course, when you are doing very well and people started  looking high up on you, then you can start to ask for higher price than now. 

Remember, a comfortable price to start with, not a price that will scare people off.

What does client want normally?


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