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Monday, September 27

Oh...I had.. changed!

For those who do not know...

Yes, I had sold my beloved Blackberry Bold 9700 last Saturday because I gotten myself a iPhone4 16Gb instead. The cost of getting this used iPhone4 is indeed a steal! Sorry, it is not nice for me to announce the price, but seriously I am very happy with it!

Just that, Jailbreak have not come into iOS4.1 for iPhone4 yet. I am waiting patiently.

Mean whiles, I reckon I will spend a bit for getting the apps!

There are quite a few good apps in Apps store tho. Just thinking if some apps are worth the cost of getting it.
As for my Blackberry Bold 9700, I had it sold at $380 as my condition is very good! All thanks to the protection by Otterbox!

Too bad my BIS contract with Singtel will ceased only on 2012! Well, at least I can fully utilise my 12Gb BBoM. Now, I wish I have a radio with iPhone adapter, so I can tune in to it without turning the tuning knob on the radio. But then again, since the radio still work, I will carry on using it until it decided to raise white flag.

As I am still looking for a nice casing for my new phone, Otterbox kept appearing in my mind.

Do you like this:

Commuter Case Series


Impact Case Series

Do give me your vote!

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