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Wednesday, September 1

I do not give a fuck

I do not give a damn on anyone who are laughing at me heading down to Singtel with my Jailbreak iPhone 3GS.

Why is it so funny with someone merely trying if it is possible to get it done with? If there's a need to use cash, I will. Sadly, they said it void warranty and they do not entertain. I'll say, fine... It is fine, really. It is my fault not restoring initially because I am fuming mad over such problem.

Phone does not belong to mine, hence to get it done ASAP is top priority.

Yes, it is as if I mod the car, head to LTA and they say it isn't approve! But in the first place, modding of car is already illegal. So, that does not conclude the same situation applied here. Go think about. JB legal, but warranty void. The juxtaposition of this scenario... oh well, go think about it

Seriously, I do not give any damn on explanation why is it like this, that and how. Because, as I said, I try only.

If that is really so funny, please go ahead and let me the clown for today. I just want everything intact as it is and I do not want to risk anything at all.

Everyone have their shitty day who cannot think properly. It is fine.. one of those days.. ha! Right? You will get it some day.

The situation happened too suddenly and really, it isn't my month at all. Down on luck is really a big headache, but be safe is important.

Right now, I am running iOS4 version 4.0.2 which jailbreak is not allow yet. I'll wait tho. It's fine on my end too.

I am tired. Really, I will not bother so much on other people thinking.
All I can say is, if anyone is to make fun on me again, I make sure you respect me in next 1min, or jolly well get out of my sight. When you come to attitude problem, I dare say I am one of the w o r s t.

COMEX is coming. I am looking for portable HDD for my program storage.

If anyone have trancetraffic invites, I will be glad to have one.


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