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Tuesday, September 21

Are you a music appreciator?

So what is music appreciator and who is the one?

I believe most of us are but it depend on which group do you belong to. Remember, it varies a lot.

In short, a music appreciator is someone who appreciate music!
Ok, it seem inappropriate to say that. How about a little more information instead?

There are different types and group of people who appreciate music.
Be it any age, gender and what equipment do you have.

Let's go in depth about it.

Having hi-end equipment does not make you as a true-blue music appreciator, in fact minority are. Most of the people who get the top range equipment is because they read via magazine, forum and recommendation by others. Technically, they may be strong but they might not be able to answer back when a question is thrown to them.

Which group do they belong to?

I will say the type that willing to pay high price for good quality system.

Even a true-blue music appreciator might not have the top range equipment. But they can tell the difference on how the person sing and what sorta musical instrument had been used. E.g. Listening via a PC or a mini hi-fi with a normal headphone.

Unless they have money to splurge on, they can get a hi end headphone with a DAC, plug to the PC to enjoy the music. At least it is inexpensive compare to audiophile speaker, amps and mono block, with carpet laying down and set up bass trap  to get the true sound.

Does that resemble a recording mixing studio? Yes, you bet.

Internet conclude a lot of information on sound frequency whereby you can trap or eliminate by not having too much of reverberation as well. Remember, there is guideline for a mixing studio to follow. At home, we are facing a lot of unwanted noise, unless you have the money to build a room in a room to reduce all the unwanted frequency.

But, is there a need for you to do so?

It all depend on how enthusiastic are you.

If you were to ask me, I will not overly spend the amount of money on such high end equipment unless I am really financially strong.
Just like I was chatting with my friend earlier on about home AV and car audio.

Does the people really know the music so well, or it is the equipment they are comparing with?

Does  competition really matters to them? In fact a little. Who will get the most credit? Organiser, of course, follow by the shop and the tuner.

Of course there is no wrong entering competition at all, but what I am saying here is a true-blue music appreciator. Just like my ex colleague who always buy CDs monthly because he love them so much. Fortunately, the company is dealing with music, hence he tend to enjoy the CDs on his beloved CD player. Often, both of us and some colleagues will have discussion about the songs been produced.

So, are we a music appreciator?
I have no words on my own, perhaps, maybe? That's part of our job as well because we have to accept different genre and languages.

Now, after saying so much, which group or type are you belong to?

A person who buy expensive equipment and know them all?
Or a person who buy but have minimal knowledge?
Or maybe a person who do not have expensive equipment but know the music well.

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