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Tuesday, August 17

Video that make me wow

This gotta be one of the most ironic moment of all. I burst into laughter when the show clip is at near end.


Wow, I do love the whole setup from Window 7 Mobile. But the most important question, will they have Whatsapps?

Man, I wish I can have a change of phone, but currently I am stuck with the BIS plan for 2 years, hence no changes of phone. I do wish to own an Android phone tho. iPhone4 does not come to my mind at all, which I have no idea why.

Recently, I am quite tired because of Cait is literally an energizer bunny. Ok, I do admit that I did play 1 mission a day for my StarCraft II. For those who do not know, yes, I bought the SC II @ $99 last month. Though it is quite expensive, but I am very happy to own it. Of course, I will schedule my time properly tho.

Right now, I am on the midst of preparing and brain storming a conceptual shoot theme which will be related to music, not those Musical stuff. I am going to reveal all my ideas in the blog because there is nothing to hide at all. Please do give me huge support!

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