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Friday, August 6

USB Hub with power

Finally, the wait is over for most of the user that wanted a USB hub with power switch!

The standing sight is little awful but at least there's a power switch for you to turn it on or off! At least you will not have to plug in and out the USB which might damage the connector. Don't you think so?

Definitely I will get this if the price is right. The idea is there tho. I almost wanted to get myself a USB hub by Belkin, now this will definitely come in good hand!

Oh yeah, I think I can plug this USB hub on USB AC adapter. Hmm.. Now I can have my walkie talkie, Blackberry, iPhone and many other charging unit together!

Last but not least, this USB hub is made by a Japanese company name Elecom.

Can some one tell or let me know this can be purchase in Singapore? I will be glad!

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