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Wednesday, August 18

Interesting interesting.... in-teres-ting

When I started DJ using Technic 1210MK II turntable, I have already knew about the speed as shown in the video below. On Technic turns, there are dots for you to see on the platter. Having the light pop up, adjust the pitch, you will notice different level of dots will stay at the near constant speed.

But, I never knew that this guy really go all out to do something like this. How hilarious and creative, huh!
Applaud, people... applaud..

On phone, we can have a lot of interesting on it. Say, wifi, 3G for internet connections, photo taking, video recording, keying appointment, gaming, GPS and many others.

How about a camera? Camera is not just a photo taking tools anymore when HD arrive. Now, most of the camera can at least record HD 720p format. Having a great HD quality does not end here at all. Now, marvelous Nikon evolve with interesting technology: projector on camera with touch screen just like your phone.

Watch the interesting video especially the 2nd one.

Well, it is a good family-point and shoot with multiple function camera! Don't you think so?

via PetaPixel

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