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Saturday, August 21

Everything goes smaller

Ok, I tend to be a little lazy to launch my Firefox for scribefire, hence using Blogger post to do it.

It seem much potential than before. I kinda like it but it is still lack of something from scribefire.

However, I kinda like the function for resizing the image! All you need to do is click on the image and select what kinda size you want it. Amazing! This is what scribefire do not have! At least all the photos will look uniform tho.

By the way, how do you like this new blog theme? I gotta thanks my coll, Yenfen and Jien for helping me out looking at the coding, theme design and many others. After so much of consideration and troublesome, I decided to make do it since I felt that it is nicely this way. Especially the widen posting area.

If you notice by now, I had removed quite a number of script away so that it will load even faster than before. There's no use for the counter to me now.

Anyhoo, scroll down all the way, see what do I have now?! All the other information like my audio and photography had been migrated way down to the bottom. At least it look much pleasing and less complicated than before. Perhaps I should stick to 3 posts per page instead.

Try again... See anything more?


Open your eyes bigger! See the ADD THIS button? I am glad that I found this button after days of researching. By chance I surfed one of the webby and gotten to this topic of the site: 10 social bookmark compared.

Love huh? I really love this theme and some simple setup. Sophisticated! Well, at least to me. A big thanks to the author/designer of this theme... Check all the way down to get to the site I went to grab it! 

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