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Monday, August 9

Birthday Event

I got to thanks Ricky for giving me this opportunity as a Birthday event photographer. Being a father, I know what are the thinking from the parents during the party. There are some shot which I should do that day when I was checking through. I make sure I will do a better job next time.

Presenting you: Regan 1st Birthday Party.

Fun and interesting to interact with kids. It is totally different from being a wedding photographer. You just got to put in a lot of energy and patience when taking photos of the kids. Whereas for wedding, you need a lot of energy to run and capture every single moment whereby the pace is faster.

I will say, this Birthday event is fun! If you have enquiries, do drop me an email to : contact[at]pboong[dot]com

What's inside it. I wanted to make a beautiful packaging, a creative one.

Finished product - Regan Birthday

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