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Sunday, July 4

Selling Torco Racing Engine Oil - For the Ultimate!

I am proud to present everyone:

Torco Racing Engine Oil

Your truly had been tasked by reseller to sell this great engine oil to anyone who is interested.

Such racing engine oil does not mean "only for performance car", even family car like mine is suitable as well! Do not hold yourself back when the word racing appear in front of you. This is suitable for all cars.

If you are interested, take a look at this article.

What are the difference of SR1 and SR5?
In short, SR5 have higher temperature tolerance than SR1. It is much suitable for people who drive around a lot during noon time or park under the hot sun. This is where the engine absorb the heat.

And why Torco?
Start your engine and listen. It is much silent than before.
It will run smoother when the EO get heated up in the engine after you drive longer on road. Great for driving indeed.
It will increase your hp by 4%.
It does protect your engine as well.

Torco Racing Range of Products
- SR1 5w-40 engine oil
- SR5 5w-40 engine oil
- MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer

For more information on the respective products, please refer to the following weblinks:

SR1 :
SR5 :


Torco Racing SR1 5w-40 engine oil : S$23.00/1 litre (1.056 qts) bottle 
==> 4 bottles for S$90 (4 litres)
==> 5 bottles for S$110 (5 litres)

Torco Racing SR5 5w-40 engine oil : S$28.00/1 litre (1.056 qts) bottle 
==> 4 bottles for S$110 (4 litres)
==> 5 bottles for S$135 (5 litres)

Torco Racing MPZ Magnetic Friction Reducer : S$35.00/12oz (355 ml) bottle 

Package Deal : Torco Racing Engine Oil + MPZ

(SR1 x 4) + (MPZ x 1) = S$120
(SR1 x 5) + (MPZ x 1) = S$140

(SR5 x 4) + (MPZ x 1) = S$140
(SR5 x 5) + (MPZ x 1) = S$165

Collection point:

1) Seng Kang (almost anytime)
2) Jurong West (0900hrs to 2100hrs)
3) Choa Chu Kang (after 2000hrs)

Prior arrangement is needed to ensure someone is available to meet you at the 2nd and 3rd location.

For each order amount above S$240, delivery to a single location in Singapore can be arranged FOC. 

Interested parties can drop me an email djosho[at]gmail[dot]com.
I am confident that you will like this EO.

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