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Tuesday, July 27

Knocked out?

I was having lunch with my ex camp mate and he really knocked my mind. It is quite depressing or sad to hear things that is quite hurtful. I guessed it really depend on how each and everyone phrase it.

Lots of people out there wanted to job hop, but to their familiar line or what? It is surely difficult if someone wanted to change the line which is totally irrelevant of what you are doing currently. Facing of stress and coping of works as to ensure the superior will not kick your butt always. It depend on whether if you want to face pay drop. When you have commitment, it is hard to have this choice.

I always tell myself this, few people who aren't married and neither have kids, will never understand the heavy commitment I'm facing. (I am glad that there are mature thinking people who understand fully, especially from family members.) There's no time to self pity or grumble, but to earn extra money. That is where free-lancing come into picture.

Was there any regret? No.

There's no need to feel regret at all because you are already in, unless you are still dreaming away.

When you been slapped by sentences:"What can you do? You know nuts about that, how can I bring you in? Basically, it is zero for you."
Be prepared to feel disappointed or reflect. The sentences are rather strong and it is time to re-think. Do your best on what you can, or prepare pay drop if you want to switch lines. Contradictory, huh?

What is the thing we all want?
Comfort life for the family.

I can't help by saying that in this line, it is either you are a high flyer or just a person who earn relatively low. The only way; hence freelancing is the answer.

One side is always greener than the other. You work too hard, are you that bad now?
It's not about bad if you think about it. It's about scarification for family.
For the sake of family, we just have to work extra hard than others.

It is quite sickening to hear from your friend stating that he earned the lowest among his friends, where you, earning much lower. Seriously, I cannot blame him for his incongruous behavior, because he is not in the same situation as I do.

Just ranting about it.


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