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Tuesday, July 27

It's a beauty for Sigma 50mm

Oh man, I really love the lens of Sigma 50mm! Look at the overall look of this image.
Beautiful, sharp and nice bokeh at the background. Seriously, it is really bang for big bucks to get this awesome lens and I really have no regret at all!

Seriously, I really love this photo a lot!

Here's another take of the beautiful sky and building!

Of course, you will be there arguing that I post processed a lot! But seriously, I did it minimalistic using Adobe Lightroom 3! Look at what this lens, with the power of Canon 5D MK 2 provide you.

I seen the the Canon 50mm online and find that the color may be there, but the sharpness does not win over this Sigma 50mm. Of course, again, debating on which is better. Juxtaposition both of them, which are your liking? Remember, you can always tweak the color tho.

Right now, I usually shoot in RAW rather than jpegs and why? Well, all I can say, more control during post processing and losing the quality is pretty low.

I am looking forward to this Saturday photography job which is for the 1 year old kid Birthday celebration! Pretty much to say, I will be arming this 50mm and started snapping around!

I am a freelance photography who do any events. If you have enquiries, do drop me an email soon! 

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