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Saturday, July 24

Busy and tiring week

I am exhausted with training since Monday which last 3 consecutive days. The only day I returned home on Monday was around 11pm, where else the rest, around 12mn or even 3am.

For those who know, yes, I am currently freelancing at World Sport Group as Audio Editor. The main job is to mix down the entire show from different tracks after recording. To be frank, I have no issue with recording due to my background on recording of VO at my previous working place. Picking up is easy for me, but not the mix down.

On Thursday, I am supposed to work full day as the full timer is on leave. Frankly speaking, I do not know how much I fare, but with 2-3 more projects, I believe I can get it done within 2-3 hrs for mixing.  I have 2 x recording and have to mix down immediately after recording, which include running of tape. Being a first timer on such circumstances, I was totally stressed out till there's no time for lunch or dinner break. End up, I spent 4hrs for each program mixed. Imagine that, the 2nd recording suppose to start at 5pm, but I only let the producer check at 5.20pm as I was already late due to my slow mixing. Luckily there's issue from video side, so I can afford to rest for 10min. Next, the 2nd mix down last me another 4hrs whereby I finished it by 12mn.

I strongly believe practise make perfect. Having this experience, it will bring me far on any freelance project. Fast and efficient is what the client want, and it is a stressful environment to get the job done within tight deadline. Of course, my pal, Damien, was proud of me having it to go through this. In fact, this freelance job was recommended by me to Damien initially! How ironic that I am part of the team now. ha!

What's my next challenge?

Fast on mixing and get it done ASAP.

Learn non - linear and linear video editing.

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