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Monday, June 28

Presenting my new running shoe

Alas, I gotten my running shoe last weekend at The Running Lab, Funan.

My new sport shoe by New Balance. Yes, in SAF we used them, but I never know that I have to use them when I went to running labs.

After checking out my sole, the running lab specialist recommend me Moderate Stability sport shoe by New Balance. One of reason for this brand is due to my wide foot.
Much as I wanted Asics, it is just not suitable due to narrow feeling on my sole. I dare not to challenge it again, hence NB is my choice! Loving it!

I am suppose to go for a long distance stroll, due to my body aching from yesterday massage, I decided to rest till tomorrow. My main aim is to let my weight go down and stay healthy!

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Jan said...

You just reminded me that I need to replace my NB running shoes!

kenwooi said...

i got myself a new running shoes too.. from adidas =)

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