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Tuesday, June 15

PC Show 2010

I am very happy that I purchased 2 important things during PC Show 2010 at Suntec City after so many months!

So, what did I got?
A 2TB external hard disk and a GPS!

I had been thinking of getting a GPS since I started driving to Malaysia recently. Glad that my friend introduced me Marbella GPS. Even on forum discussion about GPS, quite a number of people are opting for this brand because it is affordable and reliable.

All in all, a GPS is mainly for navigation. We should not be too bias towards the brand although it is the leader in the market.
After consideration and researching, I settled on this GPS costing me $169 when the initial GPS I wanted is around $400+!

The different of M660++ and M880 Silm Deluxe are not big. Just bigger screen, car reverse camera view and bluetooth function. In fact, M660++ is better because of the resolution and graphic. I am glad that the manager intro this M660++ rather than M880 slim deluxe and I saved $100! As for the rest who are promoting the GPS, the young chaps will push for M880 slim deluxe instead... of course, sales commission!

In addition, I also paid $25 more to upsize the package. This include, screen protector, leather case, world map and household charger. 3 out of 4 items are not available at the booth, so I have to make a trip down to Delta house to collect it. The only available item is the screen protector.

Consider myself been lucky getting this GPS, because they went out of stock very soon. A lot of people have to wait until next Monday to have it delivered to their house. I bet they are surprise by the overwhelming sale on this GPS!

Truly happy with it and the usage is very simple. Should you have any question and troubleshooting, call them up! They are open 24hrs and the contact number is 62707123.

Same as EastGear, they will send out maps to you every quarterly. Right now, the latest map is June.

They have a very good customer service because any user having any problem or issue, they will post on forum to ensure everything goes well. Should there be any disagreement and unhappy encounter, you advised to contact them.

Purchased from PC Show 2010!

Buying hard disk is one of the top priority for me. I have absolutely no idea that I will get it from PC show after buying my GPS. It is funny, I did not check out other brand and price before committing to this. Instead, without any longer hesitation, I bought this at $199! Yummy 2TB!

I almost wanted to get the 2nd 2TB the next day I went back to PC Show. Yes, I went back for the second time! This time, without my daughter, just my wife and I.

The next purchase that I want to get is a NAS with Raid. I need a lot of backup and seriously, such money cannot save!

Buffalo 2TB External Hdd

Marbella M660+ PLus GPS with a screen protector

Marbella GPS side view

Back view of marbella M660+ plus

Top view of marbella M660+ plus. Power button

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