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Tuesday, June 1

Part of my emo moment

Good day to all.

It had been weeks or days since I last blog here. I am so busy recently till I have no time to rest well.
After my 2 weeks of ICT in camp, whole family went to Genting the next morning and we have to meet at 6am to take the coach up.

It is a fun and great trip for us and we treat it as bonding session tho.
It is never easy to bring a baby to holiday tho. There are too many things to take note of. Granny was extremely happy to go to Genting with us.

For more blogging post on Genting, I will post it on the-ongies entry. But I do need times to process the photos and upload it. Currently, there's issue with my home internet connection, so blogging of the trip will be delayed.

Going back to camp is fun as I met some of the guys that went to EX Wallaby with me last Oct/Nov. Of course, there are more new birds who look lost and wondering what the hell are we doing. They take times to digest during the course time and NS lift.

It is only when you are a NSman, then you know the wow moment.

This year, our camp will be moving off to another location.
All of us will miss this place badly as we been through during course time since 1 decade ago. Nevertheless, we are glad that we left 4 years of ICT!

I shan't not even go into details about why and how.

In short, we miss the place. I am wondering, will the CO or OC call us back to have a last look of our camp and proceed to the new and bigger camp ground?

Oh yea, I am glad to receive my Good Service Medal this year. This is for all NSman who gone thru their 5th ICT. Wait a min, this is my 6th year of ICT, ain't it?

Anyway, all good things have to come to an end. After out-pro from camp, we need to take times to adjust back to civilian life.

My stress level is up once again after knowing that my dad wanna go for surgery on his eyes and mom's pay been cut as her boss wanted to close one weekend off.

I have to be optimistic. Since my mom do not need to work on Sunday, she can help to take care of my lil girl at home while I can work on Sunday if there's any job require me to do so.

Jobs for me, people? Any?

I appreciate so tho

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