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Monday, June 21

Park your damn car properly next time

C'mom. If you are waiting for the slot at the washing bay in MSCP, please kindly park your car properly next time.

This message to a female driver driving Toyota Vios at Blk 154A. I have no against any female drivers, only ku-ku type. Be it male or female.

It was Saturday noon when I returned home with my wifey and Cait. As I drove up to level 1B, there's this Toyota Vios, storm grey in color, parking almost in the middle of the lane. Yes, I may have the confident to squeeze it over but chances of kissing your car is high enough!

If you want to wait at the washing bay, why don't you kindly park more to the left side instead? So that other cars can move and head up? Furthermore, your car is parking SO front that no car is able to pass you and turn right up to level 2A. Even the kuku driver dare to pass you, by turning right up, the driver will face more problem.

Instead, why don't you just go down to level 1 and come back to the same spot again? What's the bloody deal for you to move your car when your job is to turn the steering wheel and step on the accelerator?

You, however, move in front and block the whole bloody slope up to level 2A when you thought I wanted to move down? C'mom, please check properly next time la.

Next, you wind down your window showing some stupid hand gesture as if I am in wrong? I could have head up to tell her properly but I chose not to when she started her silly movement. Until she is really unhappy after I pressed the horn lightly at her, then she move her car down and come back the same spot.

This can be done within just 5min but you stay there throughout. Why waste everyone time? You try this in public carpark and see what you get in return? I am kind enough to wait for you patiently to move it..!

The most irritating part is when the woman is heading down slop while I heading up. she stop her car, move her body to the passenger seat and pointing me and saying things that I cannot hear as my window is wind up. I stop my car, roll back by few inch and look at her but she moved off?! Loser!!!

I walk down with my stroller using the slope instead of stairs, going to the washing bay and look at this kuku driver. But she didn't dare to confront me when I passed by there. She just talking to other people saying that there's one car parking illegally at the washing bay.

Please lah... if there's no space, come back later la! What's the whole stupid deal with you leh! I do not even want to start shouting at the woman in front of my daughter at all.

Please kindly reflect yourself before you show your stupid hand gesture at others!

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